First Solo Backpacking Trip: Tierra Alta Residential Resort, Casaroro Falls and Pulangbato Falls

    Everything about this waterfall-chasing day is unplanned. I guess the spontaneity in every adventure puts the more in more exciting. As of my previous post, I spent the night in Dumaguete City not knowing where to go the next day. Google-d where-tos and how-tos and I stumbled upon a blog about the Casaroro Falls and the Pulangbato Falls. And the “These!” popped out of nowhere.

     I woke up at seven in the morning and grabbed breakfast downtown, since a lot of fast food chains in the area are open 24/7. I checked out at nine and my bag was all set for the chasing. I was wandering around downtown, composing lines of inquiries while trying to figure out who could be my Driver of the Day. While I was on my thoughts, I remembered about Tierra Alta, a nice place nearby where I once saw on Instagram posted by my friends. And I decided to go there first.

Tierra Alta Residential Resort

     Tierra Alta Residential Resort is located in Palinpinon, Valencia, Negros Oriental.

The famous lighthouse that gives you a 360° of the serene province of Negros Oriental

     “Tierra Alta is situated 800 ft above sea level and is just 12 minutes away from Dumaguete City. Tierra Alta Residential Resort gives you an astounding panoramic view of the sea and the neighboring islands.

     With its wide range amenities and facilities, let the Resort take you to the other side of the world as you savor its world-class service offered in a Greece inspired Clubhouse and Pavilion; the lagoon type infinity pool ‘Aquatica’; the Mediterranean Cuisine at Tierra Cafe; the picnic and bonfire areas; the famous lighthouse viewing deck and the cliff-side Boulevard.” ­– Tierra Alta Residential Resort Facebook Page.

     I came to just have a photo of the famous lighthouse and I only paid ₱50.00 fee for the sight-seeing. Thank you to the staff that I asked to take a picture of me. (I was alone haha)

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Casaroro Falls
Welcome to Casaroro Falls! Where you literally have to fall on your weak knees hahahaha

     Casaroro Falls is located in Valencia, Negros Oriental. I was travelling around ten in the morning and I really appreciated how cool the place was. The breeze of the cold provincial air was so calming. I reached the jump-off point after around 20 minutes of driving. At the registration area, I paid ₱10.00 pesos fee. Ahead of me was a group of young men also from Cebu and the collector at the registration area mistakenly counted me as if I was a part of their group haha perks of being alone. From there, a 30-minute trek was needed to reach the falls. The trail consists of a 300plus-stepped stairs and boulder-climbing, -skipping, -etc lol, along the river. Guess I wasn’t prepared for the trail but still I reached the waterfalls first among the other groups. Perks of doing things alone, part two. Haha. Small joys. And the tiredness gushed with the river current as I witnessed how the falls cascaded between the thick green foliage. I was sitting in astonishment for minutes before it occurred to me that I had to take photos of this beaut.

I was just eating this snack on the initial portion of the hike. Thought it was just a walk-in-the-park but I was wrong.

The last link of the flight of stairs. I thought that was it and I’d be able to witness the beauty of Casaroro but I was just actually 3/4 of the trail.
The only decent photo of me in Casaroro. Perks of being alone in this pursuit hahaha
Thank you, Sir Rey for taking a photo of me. Sir Rey was along with two East-Asian friends, touring them around Negros. 
The group of Cebuano guys whom the caretaker mistakenly identified me as part of their group hahaha. They posed while I took a photo of Casaroro. Haha

    I headed back to the main road where the driver was waiting. The trail’s really not for the faint-hearted, most especially in the heading back part. The agony along the stairs was real! I had several stops along the way because I simply just couldn’t catch my breath. Thanks to the trees around for supplying unlimited amount of oxygen, just like how I needed it that time.

Pulangbato Falls

    “Pulangbato Falls is located in Ocay Valley in the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental. It is aptly named so because of the waterfall’s seemingly red river water which is caused by the presence of the natural reddish rocks found in the area”

     The ride to Pulangbato Falls is way exciting. I got to see Mt. Talinis from the main road, passed by the smoking mountain (literally smoking because of the presence of sulphur gas and other chemicals in the mountain), and greeted by reddish rocks along the river system.

This mountain always catches the attention of local and foreign tourists because of its unusual feature. The mountain has voids that vent out sulfur gases (i think, judging from the odor and the color of the chemically-concentrated smoke — only had average grade on Chemistry, so I may be wrong hahaha)

Truly amazed by this river’s feature. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to see something like this, so yeah

     Comparing the trail to Casaroro Falls, the Pulangbato’s was no challenge. It only took less than a hundred steps from the registration area. The fee was ₱30.00 but it is subject to change during peak season (March 15 – June 15). For rates and amenities, see photo below.

     Sadly, the camera’s battery was drained so I wasn’t able to take much photos except for few self-timed snaps and phone camera’s selfies.

     I made a deal with a motorcycle driver for ₱400. The itinerary we agreed was Tierra Alta – Casaroro Falls – Pulangbato Falls – Dumaguete City. Of course, since he waited and had been so good to me, I added a bit of amount. I forgot his name (huhu sorry Kuya) but you can contact him in his mobile number: 0936-603-6228

My buddy for the whole trip! 🙂 Sorry kuya I forgot your name. Thank you for being patient with me the whole trip. If you have no idea yet who to contact for transportation, you can contact him in his mobile number above.

     We reached Dumaguete City around 1 in the afternoon. I ate lunch and headed to Ceres Bus Liner terminal and luckily, I was able to catch a bus bound for Cebu City departing at 2-pm. I didn’t know the bus schedule so I really was lucky to skip the waiting-for-the-next-trip dilemma.

     Fingers crossed for more solo trips ahead 🙂

If you find this helpful, share this information to your friends 🙂


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