Year-end Climb at Kandungaw Peak

I never thought I would be able to insert another activity before 2016 ends. I believe that some of the best moments are unplanned. And yesterday, I crossed-out one item more on my bucket list.

“I’ll have you under my feet soon” Haha

I read an article somewhere in the internet that says Kandungaw Peak is located in Badian, Cebu but just yesterday, as I clarified and asked Konsehal Lily of Barangay Maloray, Dalaguete, she affirmed that Kandungaw Peak is still a part of Dalaguete.

Forgive me for I have selfie-d. Seen at the background is Badian.

How to Get There?

There are multitude ways on how to get to the jump-off point which is Brgy. Maloray, Dalaguete Cebu.

Option A: There are buses that will take you from Carbon in Cebu City to Brgy. Mantalongon in Dalaguete for around 120-150 pesos. From Brgy. Mantalongon, there are motorcycles that will take you to Brgy. Maloray for 30 pesos per head.

Option B: Take buses bound for Oslob at South Bus Terminal and tell the konduktor to drop you off at the corner going to Mantolongon, Dalaguete. Fare is approximately 100-150 pesos. Negotiate with a motorcycle driver to take you to Brgy. Maloray. (Fare from the highway to Osmena Peak is 100-pesos per head. Since Kandungaw is way more far than O’Peak, the fare is probably around 150 pesos per head, I guess.)

Option C: The most convenient option of all, use private car.

Before climbing, make sure you’ll register at Konsehal Lily’s log (for documentation and future reference, maybe). No fees are collected unlike Osmena Peak. A kid approached and offered us a guide service.

Konsehal Lily’s humble abode. Just right across the jump-off point of the hike

We started the climb at 10:44 in the morning and the sun was scorching hot at that moment. The trail was basically not that difficult to go through but will really exhaust your oxygen off. Lol, kidding.

We had several stops along the way and reached the peak around 11:30 in the morning.




When you have time and also proper gears, you can continue the trail to Kandungaw Cave. As of our trip, we decided not to push because our guide insisted that the trail is way more dangerous than before. (But if I were to decide, I’d still go lol)

The question is, what’s in store for me in 2017? Where to next? (This is a freebie sticker from WTN:Where To Next travel planner 2017)

Check out Kandungaw Peak the next time you visit Dalaguete! Or include this in your Osmena Peak hike itinerary soon and do Peak-hopping at Dalaguete (peak-hopping lol).

Enjoy and share your stories to the world! I’d love to hear your Kandungaw story too.

Special thanks to Mher for the unexpected year-end laag!


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