Taking the weekend off at Mt. Naupa

Stressed from work or school tasks? And all you ever wanted is to go on a weekend getaway? Planning to go solo? Or with your lover? Read.

Mt. Naupa has become known to people who are up to adventures.  Mt. Naupa is located at Brgy. Cogon, City of Naga, Cebu. The summit is approximated to be 550 masl. I am a Minglanillahanon and for twenty years, I had no idea that such beaut exists and is just an hour or two away from my home.

As much as I wanted to be at the top of this beaut, I can’t because it’s fenced. Sad. Instagrammable pa man unta haha
Shadow nalang 🙂

How to get there?

If you’re from Cebu City, take a bus at the South Bus Terminal or ride a jeepney at Taboan. Make sure the jeepney has ‘Naga’ or ‘Rikio’ in its signboard because some of the Naga-Cebu City-route jeepney wouldn’t go all the way to Naga. If you’re not familiar with the places in Southern Cebu, might as well take a bus and tell the ‘konduktor’ to drop you off at Eskina Rikio. The corner is right before South General Hospital. The corner at Rikio is not the only access to Brgy. Cogon, you may also start at Eskina Tungkop where motorcycles are also available to transport you to the jump off point. As of our itinerary, we chose the Rikio access. When we’re already at the corner, several motorcycle drivers approached us and asked if we were to go hiking at Mt. Naupa. It was an indication that the place has gained popularity these days or maybe because we were too obvious with our big bags haha. The fare was 50 pesos per head. It was a 10- to 15-minute ride from eskina to the Chapel. The Chapel was our jump off point. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

Children as young as ten would offer themselves as guides. We asked them about the rate but instead they said that the fee would depend on us. Our guide was Randel, a grade 7 student.

There was a two-minute drizzle along the way but we survived. It took us almost an hour to finish the trail because we had several stops along the way, a friend had difficulty on catching her breath. The trail was a bit challenging but really okay, though you have to be careful because the trail is set on a hill edge, slopes, and rocky terrain too. It was around 6 p.m. when we arrived at the camping site. There was one group of campers already at the site and two more groups arrived not long after we set up.

The summit viewed from the camping site.

I was not expecting there would be a mini sari-sari store at the camping site, of course, with price higher than usual retail price and it is reasonable, tbh. (1.5L softdrinks at ₱65.00; disposable plastic cups at a peso; cup noodles sold at ₱30.00 – ₱35.00; coffees and junkfoods were also available.)

We set up our tent and spent most of the night chit-chatting, perfect place to catch up with friends. The camp site has a good cellular signal, I’m a Globe user though and I have no idea with other cellular networks’ signals. With the good signal, I suggest you turn off your data connection and disconnect yourself from the social media world. Feel the moment. Social media can wait haha.

Tent facing the city lights at night
Watching ‘Shutter Island’

The funniest thing we encountered was that we almost stayed awake the whole night just to make sure our tent would survive the strong wind coming from all directions. It was around four in the morning when we decided to disassemble our struggling tent and made it as DIY sleeping bag. So if you plan on staying overnight, just make sure to set up your tent correctly and have it checked for prior damages. I suggest bringing a sweater/jacket or anything that keeps you warm because it gets too cold. We gazed up the clear sky and tried counting shooting stars. I personally could say that it has been years since the last time I felt so free – I lost myself staring at the stars. We stayed that way until sunrise! Wohooooo (Insert very happy face here)

Sunrise at Mt. Naupa
Taking a stop at Tatay’s ship-inspired hut before continuing the descend.

We packed our things around 5:40 in the morning and started to descend and trailed back to the Chapel. We took a motorcycle ride back to the national highway at 50 pesos per head. And then… we’re back to the reality.

Overall, I recommend the experience for those busy people who wanted to go on a weekend getaway. Go out and travel but be a responsible traveler 🙂


Special mention to my colleagues who said yes without hesitation when I invited them to go out on a camp: Aeryka Jurienne Dimaclid, Constantine Resma, Angelica Añabeza. 👌👍


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